1.   All members and guests must sign the Sportsman’s Club Facility Access Sign-In Log.
2.   Only T.L. Sportsman’s Club members in good standing may have access to the Club’s
facilities with the exceptions that: (a) Treasure Lake residents interested in becoming a
member may attend a regularly scheduled business meeting, and (b) Guests who have
been invited by the Club officers to make presentations at the regularly scheduled monthly
meetings.  They shall still be required to complete the Sign-In Log.
3.   The Facility can only be used for Club approved functions and there must be a designated
Responsible Member in attendance.  If the designated Responsible Member on the list is
unable to attend the Officers may appoint a replacement for that event.
4.  The Club shall be maintained in a clean, neat manner and all garbage is to be removed
before securing the facility.  Only the bathrooms in the downstairs area are to be accessed
by the members since the remaining areas have not yet been improved.
5.   Only Officers have been authorized to possess keys to the facility and are responsible for
providing a key to Club members who need access to accomplish work in the facility,
pick-up equipment, or if they are the Responsible Member for a Club approved function.
At the completion of the task the key is to be returned to a Club Officer.
6.   No parking is allowed in the lower area in front of the TLPOA Building.  It can be used to
drop off and pick-up the handicapped, equipment and supplies.  The vehicle must then be
immediately moved to the authorized parking area.  Violators will be ticketed by Security.

Source:   Minutes of February 4, 2003 Monthly Meeting
Treasure Lake Sportsman’s Club Bylaws Revision 3 Dtd. 4/6/2006
Facilities Lease Between TLPOA & TLSC
A TLPOA Affiliated Club