A TLPOA Affiliated Club
Areas of Focus

Fish & Game
The Club manages an annual fish stocking program for Bimini, Treasure
Lake, Narrows Creek and the pond near the Ski Lodge.  Little Flipper
Lake is stocked each year just before the Annual Memorial Day
Weekend Children's Fishing Rodeo which is sponsored by the Club.

The Sportsman's sponsor a Bass Tournament at Bimini Lake in June of
each year and also one at Treasure Lake in September.

The Sportsman's Club also conducts water quality testing of our lakes in
consort with Penn State and also maintains an ecology trail at Little
Flipper Lake.

Archery & Firearms
The Club manages a shooting range and an archery range for Club
members and conducts firearms safety training courses which are
mandatory for Club members who use the shooting range.  Plans for the
addition of Skeet & Trap ranges are pending until the Coal Project is
finalized and we can review the impact on our current range.

We have NRA approved instructors and have offered Hunter's Safety
Courses and Pistol Safety Courses and plan on doing so in the future.

The Club participates in many community events to support Treasure
Lake activities.  We are also very involved in improving our infrastructure
and amenities

Support of Outside Organizations

The Club also participates in  community events outside of Treasure
Lakes.  Support of Charitable Organizations include:

DuBois HS Rifle Club
PA Wildlife Habitat
Childrens' Miracle  Network
Gateway Humane Society